Procedure Writers offers a simple and affordable approach to systemizing your business...


Record Your Procedure

Download Loom or any other video recording software and record your procedures
(up to 10 minutes) capturing every step. This process makes the document writing procedures fast, secure (no software passwords sharing) and cost effective.
There are 3 types of capture methods:
Computer Based

When you use your computer, smart phone or other technology to do a specific task.


When you speak, give instructions, ask questions, etc.


When you do a specific action task not computer related, such as


Purchase Your Chosen Procedure

Decide whether you would like to opt for our Standard Procedures or Bespoke Procedures.

Click here to purchase.


Transfer existing Procedure into Software of choice i.e. Trainual, Flowster

Standard Procedure

Our Standard Procedures are written in Google Docs

Bespoke Procedure

Our Bespoke Procedures are written in the software of your choice. Be sure to check our list of possible softwares or speak to a member of our team


Upload Your Procedure

Once you've successfully recorded and purchases your procedure credits, you can now submit your procedure to our team by clicking the 'Submit a Procedure' button in your My Account section

Can I Upload more than one procedure at a time?

We advise to keep each procedure separate for ease of tracking the progress of each procedure uploaded and sent to our team

My procedure is in multiple files

That's not a problem! You can upload more than one file per procedure, as long as they are all belonging to that procedure. Please ensure that it is clear which order the files are to be used in the procedure to avoid any confusion

How do I know if the procedure was successfully sent?

You will be redirected to our thank you page to confirm the submission of your procedure and one credit will be deducted from your account (visible in your My Account section)

04 professionals create your procedure

Our team will get to work on your procedure as soon as we receive it and will notify you once it's complete. Please allow 3-5 working days.


Receive Your Procedure

Once your Procedure is complete a member of our team will create a ticket assigned to your account where you will be able to download your completed procedure.

You will receive an email notification once your procedure is complete.

How will I know when my procedure is done?

A member of our team will create a ticket once your procedure is complete and will upload it for you there. You will be notified via email that a ticket has been created and you will find it in the 'My Tickets' section in your 'My Account'

Click here to go to your 'My Tickets' area

How do I know if there is an issue with my Procedure?

If there is any issue with the procedure that you submitted, a member of our team will create a ticket to contact you, the ticket can be found in your 'My Tickets' section of your 'My Account', you will notified that the ticket is created and every reply made on the ticket also.